Waiting for a Breeze
Women Get the Vote
Garden Way
Land Park Pond
Garden's Edge
Into the Garden
Carmel Couple
On the Road
Lotus Pond
Fly Fishing on the American River
Morning Path
Fall Heron
City Redwoods, Archival Gallery 20 x 16
Kayak on American River
Noontime Run Revisited
Sunset Randall's Island Park
Pink Sky Park
Beach Day
Mayor Steve Benjamin, Columbia, SC
Paradise of Birds
Venice Beach Pier
Geometry Lesson
View from Venice Beach Pier
Observation Tower at de Young
River Rocks Sunset
Holding Leif
Blonde at the Getty
Window Light, INSIDE cover
Floating Waterlily Pods
Waterlily Pod Play (series)
Window Light, INSIDE cover
Water lily
Grand Canyon Overlook
Three Horses
Holding Hands
City Vibes
first web
Yosemite Boulder
Lighthouse Prism, 36 x 24
to the lighthouse
lighthouse prism verge
City Folks
Yosemite Meadow
Seascape 1
Sunscreen Ballet, NFS
Baldwin Beach Reflections
Tangerines and palette knife
Pt. Reyes Shipwreck
Leaving Crocker
Rainbow Chard, 8 x 10, NFS
Pt. Reyes Shipwreck
Bather, Collection of Artist
Boulder in Mirror Pond.jpg
Mt. Diablo
Matisse Blues
Fishing Day
Wrights Beach
Cooling Off at Mirror Lake, Yosemite
Evening Pickup Game
After Matisse
Zion Reflections
Serena II
Serena with Succulents
Hike to Cascade Falls

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View from Venice Beach Pier

36 x 48, $1250